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Mini loan without BKR

The special thing about a direct payday loan online from this resource from is the ease and speed with which you can apply. Regular customers can receive the money in their bank account within a few hours. This fast service without hassle has a price tag in the form of high service costs. You should also not consider the short duration of the mini loan. This is 30 days with an amount of up to 800 euros. Recently it is also possible to borrow up to 1500 euros. The duration is then 62 days with two repayments. You must then repay the entire loan + the service costs. This is different from a revolving credit where a monthly repayment of (at least) 50 euros is made.

Borrow 1000 euros with a negative BKR

A mini loan is a loan of up to 1000 euros. Perhaps you are wondering why the big banks do not provide mini-loans? The answer is that they earn too little and at the same time the risk is too high. Banks in the Netherlands are required to test loans from 500 euros with the BKR. They are also not allowed to charge high closing costs.

With mini loans, there are closing costs or costs for a guarantee. Because the branch is abroad (United Kingdom), the lender may charge closing costs for mini-loans. In this way, people who normally cannot borrow can get a loan of up to 1500 euros. Credit provider Please note: the mini credit can only be applied for if you are at least 21 years old and have work with at least 1000 euros in net income.

Borrow 5000 euros – withdraw 1000 euros

Borrow 5000 euros - withdraw 1000 euros

With a normal bank you can take out a revolving credit of 5000 euros under normal conditions and without high closing costs. You can then make a small repayment every month. What are the minimum requirements for borrowing 5000 euros? You must be at least 21, have a valid ID, permanent work, temporary work phase B + declaration of intent or phase C and not have a negative BKR listing. The minimum loan is 5,000 euros. However, you do not have to withdraw this amount. You can also borrow 1000 euros and leave the rest of the loan on deposit. This money is then available to you whenever you need it. Money that is on deposit does not have to pay interest on it.

Borrow 1000 euros with agency work?

Borrow 1000 euros with agency work?

Temporary employees in phases B and C can also borrow money. In phase C, people work on the basis of a contract for an indefinite period. If you are in phase B then you also need a letter of intent from the employer (that you want to take on permanent employment in the near future). People in phase A have to wait until they have more certainty about the continuation of their work. You are in phase A if you have worked for the same employment agency for less than 78 weeks. Do you have agency work, are you in phase B (with a letter of intent) or phase C and do you not have a negative BKR?

Borrow 1000 euros with benefits?

Borrow 1000 euros with benefits?

It is difficult for people on benefits to be eligible for a loan. People have the best chance if they no longer have to be re-inspected. The benefits are usually included by the banks to a limited extent. In calculating the borrowing opportunities, the bank does not start from the entire income that one receives but only from a certain percentage thereof.


Self-employed persons without employees can also apply for a business credit. The conditions are that the annual figures for the past three years can be shown and a owner-occupied house. In addition, there are sometimes opportunities for freelancers to lease cars and delivery vans.

Borrow 1000 euros from an internet bank

Borrow 1000 euros from an internet bank

The cheapest option to borrow money is through an internet bank. These are often subsidiaries of the well-known large banks. Because they stunt with interest rates, you are much cheaper with them. The minimum loan is 500 – 1000 euros and a BKR review take place. More information can be found on Revolving credit.

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